Saturday, September 10, 2005

Who Died And Made You Tony Graffanino

Congrats on that first win, Mr. Schilling. The man steps up big when the going gets tough, tossed up an excellent performance in a huge game, and led the Sox to a 9-3 win in the Stadium. This was the biggest game of the season, not even Johnny Pesky can tell me otherwise. The difference between two games and four games is major, and I’m talking "Bob Dylan voice change in the 80s" major not "Boston College beats Army" major. Of course, Curtis did get his fair share of run support from a heavy dose of our new guy up there Tony Graffanino, Magic Helmet Boy, and our dear friend Manny Ramirez. Good to have ya back.

How bout those Sox, hey? The Yanks did beat themselves in this game, too. Cano made a terrible error that gave the Sox a run and Matsui dropped a fly ball in left that was positively hilarious. I knocked over my Bill Mueller commemorative statue after that bonehead play. Chacon was gone, Al Leiter was in, and the only way we weren’t going to win this game was if an overpowering earthquake shattered the face of the earth. The ribbies kept coming, and today definitely made up for last nights pour effort.

So where do we go from here? Well…a win tomorrow would be nice. Yank killer Timmaayy Wakefield is on the hill against the Unit, and believe it or not, my confidence is really high. The momentum is ours, the intangibles are on our side, the stars are aligned for a division win. This may actually be the year they take this over the Yankees…

And now this great quote:

"I think this is a team that thrives on adversity,' says Millar, 'I talked to one of our former teammates who's now on the Yankees, and he couldn't believe how different it is, how everyone goes his own way as soon as the game is over. I know this team is crazy and all that, but we're all in the clubhouse at 2:30 every day, getting on one another, and we hang out long after the game is over. You hear stuff about teams that have each other's backs, but it's real here."


At 11:20 AM, Blogger SoxFan44 said...

What a great pickup from Theo (clapping). He can hit anywhere in the order, plays solid defense (besides Friday nights mistake) and is up over .300 and even higher during his time with the Sawx.

Alex Cora is cool too, Zach.


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