Monday, August 29, 2005

Dedicated To Mr. Under-Appreciated

(First off, this post is dedicated to Bill Mueller. He’s cool. I like him. Great player. Go Sox.)

There was sort of a weird feeling in the stadium tonight. The clouds were dark and gray, the rain was lightly falling, almost like Lou Piniella was plotting for the world to end. But the game got underway and Damon crushed a homer to right field off Rays starter Seth McClung, and I was back into my Sox haven. Ortiz also ding-donged one later in the inning, and the run support for Matt Clement couldn’t possibly get any better. But it was the subs who really contributed tonight. Alex Cora had a couple hits and a ribbie. Johnny Olerud ripped three hard singles and played more excellent defense. I still wore my Who Died And Made You Tony Graffanino shirt even with my boy Cora playing, maybe it was good luck (actually there is no shirt, but I bet Michelle Damon can make some for me).

So, besides the orgasmic reactions that playing Tampa Bay at Fenway gives me, there’s no time to get cocky and start playing lazy. We need to take advantage of every home game, of every weak opponent, especially if the Yankees lose some games on the road. By the way, I wanted to acknowledge Tek for staying near .300 and Edgah! for making a solid bid to get there. These guys are red hot and part of our recent offensive success. Let’s just hope Damon is OK so I don’t have to put my finger in a vice again.

In other news, the Yankees are about to sign Bellhorn after he clears waivers. Fine, you bastards, now he can strike out and hit .210 for you. It makes me grin that some of the Sox rejects (yeah, I said rejects), Cashman is going for. Started with Embree. Good luck with these guys, Torre, they sure are spectacular. Watching Bellhorn bat is like seeing Christy Alley naked. Not good times.

Also, Boomah is pissed over not getting his suspension reduced after all the appeal hearings and long delay. And rightfully so. Maybe Bud ate his cake.


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