Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just Like Old Times

Escape from the fact all you want, but this Red Sox offense will carry the team, and be the only factor stopping the Red Sox from being eliminated from the playoffs. The last three nights, Schilling, Wakefield and Arroyo, respectively, have left piles of crap on the mound early in the game. We’ve been down 6-1, 5-1 and 4-2 by the third innings of each of the last three games, and faster than Emeril can say Bam!, this offense has brought us back to our winning ways. 19 of 20 at Fenway. What is it now, fourteen straight home games with seven runs or more? Just unbelievable.

And it’s a new face every single time out. Trot on Tuesday with his gunning of Toby Hall and eventual walk off single. Millah on Wednesday with two monster shots, one off the Coke bottles over the Monster that turned out to be the killah. Tonight, it was the Helmet Boy and his wonderous stare after his home runs, defensive wisdom and clutch hitting. I mean, at least he can spare us a grin. Olerud is becoming another masterful and genius signing from Theo and Co, really providing all of the above and team leadership and experience. This guy is the definition of a veteran, always there to help and do his duty.

You can’t help but acknowledge my boy Alex Cora for his help in this four game broom job. Sure I’m stealing this from the telecast and the Rem Dawg’s colorful commentary and constant unintentional comedy, but tough. Anyway, sticking with the day by day theme, on Tuesday, Cora faked that groundball DP while Crawford was chuggin to second on the flyout to Trot. Remember that? Set up a big double play. Yesterday, Cora came through in a situation that doesn’t really stick out in the box score, but played a big role in the game. With runners on second and third and nobody out, down by two runs, Cora grounded out to second. He got the run home. He got the trailing runner to third. Sac fly. And before Rob Schneider’s forehead can grow any larger, it’s a brand new ballgame. Tonight, Cora advanced on a single to right from first to third base on a nice hustle play. Wanna guess what the next guy did? Sac fly. Run scored. Thank you, Alex.

To be quite frank, this offense is rolling. The bats are red firing Tabasco style hot, and I’m loving every second of it. Sure, it’s Tampa and their lowly pitching staff at the Fens, but daaaaaamn. I couldn’t be more impressed. The team chemistry is really coming together too, with Manny and Millah racing out of the dugout to congratulate Johnny O on his big game tonight. Edgah set a career high with hits in a month, and he’s into the hugging business. Johnny Damon is Johnny Damon, ‘nuff said. And even Jonathan Papelbon struck out the side in the eighth inning. Yes, I’ll have a side of Future please.

Now we welcome the plague-of-pitching-known-as-the-Orioles, who are struggling lately and you know that Miguel Tejada fella will want to kick our steaming asses down to Atlantic City. Oh yeah, and if Raffy plays, well you know what to do.


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