Tuesday, September 06, 2005

David Ortiz Does It Again

In this crucial series, you need a player to pick the team up, especially when their bats are asleep. David Ortiz has done that before, and he did it tonight. In one of the most dramatic and well-hit walkoff homeruns I’ve experienced with Big Papi, the Sox beat the Angels 3-2. This was a massive win in a big series. The crowd was in the game from the first pitch to the game winner, and Wake gave more than enough effort to get the win. Nine innings, two runs allowed. An excellent outing from a guy that just wants to win. This whole team wants to win, and they showed it tonight.

The top of the ninth inning was huge defensively. After a leadoff double, John Olerud made his usual diving stop and went to first, possibly saving a run and only making me wish he was the starting first baseman a little bit more. The next pitch was a grounder to Graffanino with the infield in, he fired home on the inexperienced pinch runner and he was standing in nowhere land. And with two outs, Tim Wakefield showed his balls with a beauty of a knuckeball to Adam Kennedy. Desire, folks. Inning over.

Damon pitched in with three hits. Manny got himself an RBI for the first time in a century, or so it seems. And it was all capped off with David Ortiz hitting number 38, and proving to everyone in the country that he is the definition of a valuable player to a team trying to hold a lead. We deserve the division. It’s been forever. This is our year to win the East, our year to look down at the Yankees and wag our tongues at their overpaid asses, give a little smirk and say "not this time, you bastards." All we gotta do it keep grinding out games like tonight, and this division is ours.

Tim Wakefield and Ortiz win co-MVP tonight. Can’t wait till tomorrow.


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