Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Comeback Kids

MVP: Trot Nixon.

Just when you know that Trot gunning Toby Hall at the plate would save the game, the guy does something else to make you jump, dance and kiss your Wally the Green Monster stuffed doll. In a game where our favorite, Lou Piniella, almost created an earthquake with his constant arguing of fair calls, and our former bloodied ace looked like he belonged in A Lowell with Foulke, the Red Sox somehow, someway, came out with another huge victory. Could it be any more frustrating for the Devil Rays playing us? I mean, remember that comeback in July with Damon and the game saving catch, and now this! 5-0 lead in the second against Schilling, Ortiz goes 0-4, Johnny isn’t even in the lineup, and their young gun Kazmir pitching- and we still find a way to win. Shows you the heart and pride of this team.

And maybe we saw the first wave towards a 2005 Sox identity this year, with Millah and Schill turning all blonde on us. Dare I say, it looks very sexy on them. Schilling reminded us that he’s still not the godly specimen of old, but settled down later and kept the game from exploding in front of our eyes. The fans were great, also. Through all the rain and the slow start, man were they loud in those last two comeback innings. Best fans in baseball? No friggin contest.

Again, though, it was the entire team that made up this win. I can’t believe I’m typing this, but Manny had some very difficult plays in left tonight- and didn’t look like he was a puppet once. Caught em all, baby. Then the Johnny Bros coming off the bench, with Olerud making Millah look like cat food next to a filet mignon with the tying single (what the hell did I just say).

Tonight’s win was more than just a win. It was a "no mercy, no giving up, no letting the stupid Devil Rays and their hideous uniforms beat us" type of win.

Oh and one more thing, why the hell didn’t Francona pinch run for Ortiz?


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