Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A Win Almost As Hot As Jessica Alba

I’m not afraid to say the Red Sox are the Angels daddy. Can these guys ever beat us? No matter if its Wake, Arroyo, or Kelly the Ball Girl pitching, the Sox offense explodes and the Angels fall silent. Orlando Cabrera has to be frustrated. Vlad Guerrero has to be frustrated. Garret Anderson has to be frustrated. And as the number one Mike Scoisca hater, I’m loving every millisecond of it. Seeing him desperately try to shake up his team by getting purposely thrown out of tonight’s game was priceless. I can see what Frank Robinson was talking about.

It’s got to be a pretty nice feeling being a starting pitcher for the Red Sox. You go into the game, give up three or four in the first two innings…not a problem. Because that offense bails them out every single night. In the last three against Tampa, the Orange Birds last weekend, and now Cornroyo gets a piece of the special treatment pie. Listen, the Sox pitching may be shaky early, but there’s a pattern developing: they settle down in the later innings.

In the last five games for the Red Sox, Clement has gone eight, Wells nine, Schill six and a third, Wake nine and Arroyo eight. This is bigger than you may think. Number one, we save the bullpen for the huge series against the Yankees this weekend (and damn you Jason Giambi, you THG steroid pumping ass, why are you all of a sudden Mr. Clutch). Second, it’s pretty much obvious that the Sox bullpen is their weakness. By using something called "Common Sense", usually you stay away from your weaknesses. And it’s all about the Sox starters settling in while the bats roll.

Let’s see, who did their job tonight? Well, Millah is pounding the ball in the Monstah seats all of a sudden. Now wait for the pending apocolypse. Ortiz delivered his usual clutch hit, tying the game at 3-3 after the Pudgy Cheeks rant. Trot hit a nice RBI double off the wall. My boy Alex Cora drove in a run, so did Damon on a sac fly. A great overall game for everybody besides Manny, who went 0 for 4 with four groundouts and two double plays. Someone wake this guy up from his nap.

Timlin with the save. Game. Set. Match. Sox win, and keep the lead in the East at four games. We got Abe Lincoln A.K.A. Matt Clement going tomorrow, so it should be a nice blowout. I’m in the mood for some Rem Dawg weezing and a well-deserved reach into the closet for the broom.


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