Saturday, September 03, 2005

Fenway Fun

When the Emancipator gives you a solid eight innings over a rested bullpen, and the Sox rampaging offense scores seven runs at home, you expect a win. Well, the win was granted, but not without some major drama. Timlin and Renteria made it interesting, the pesky Orioles stayed in the game, but in the end the Sox prevailed 7-6. Ortiz hit another home run, and even Millar is waking up from his four month nap.

Tomorrow, Boomer’s suspension ends and he starts vs. Sox killer Rodrigo Lopez. I also hope we see Foulke tomorrow night. Tito really needs to get some innings out of him quickly before the postseason comes around, ya know, saying we get there and all. The Yanks won so the lead is still 3.5, pretty comfortable and I’m confident due to the major offensive outburst at home. Good old Fenway.


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