Friday, August 26, 2005


You know, I really thought last night would turn out to be one of the more memorable games of the year. Curt Schilling comes out on the mound with a Superman cape on, fierce attitude and all, and throws a gem against a team with more losses than any team has wins. His first start of the official season (in my book) since leaving his shaky closers role I thought would go over just fine. My first reaction to the news was "he’s not ready" then "we’re desperate" and by the time the first pitch crossed the plate it was "holy shiznit, Curt Schilling is starting again." Did I mention he was facing the Central cellar dweller Kansas City?

So I was pumped. Let’s just say balloons and a pinata were involved. The first inning went absolutely delightful, and I swear on Pokey Reese’s life I will never say that word again. He clocked 94 on the gun, struck out two, and gave up one measly hit. After a drunken haze which involved three runs on six hits in the second inning against guys named Danny Hocking and Matt Stairs, Schilling limped off the mound with nothing to show for except inserting a fistful of doubt in the minds of his fans. But really, our offense is due! We’ve left more runners on base in the last two games than I can possibly count.

Lima Time, eh. Little bastard completely shut us down. Schilling kept giving em up. Millar looked mentally ill in left field. No Ortiz in the lineup. A weak groundout from Doug Mirabelli to end the only real threat of the game, and the Red Sox lose to the Kansas City Royals. Again. I’ll try to look at this rationally- we’re still two and a half games ahead of the Yankees, a better position the Sox were in at this time last year. You know, when they won the World Series and all. The majority of our games for the rest of the season are at home, including a relatively favorable homestand starting tonight against the Tigers.

Who do the Yankees play this weekend? The Royals at home. So the Sox better start not acting so uptight about everything, get their heads out of their asses, and start playing smart and good baseball like a 125 million dollar team should. Our rotation is in shambles right now, just face it. The bullpen is at the point where Jon Papelbon is pitching in a 6-4 game in the seventh. Someone in that clubhouse needs to step up, light a candle, and fire these bastards up. Now.

Did I ever mention how much I loved this team?


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