Sunday, August 21, 2005

Back In The Saddle

The journey is finally over. Three full weeks of no Red Sox games, having to result in following the bottom line like a madman and resorting to the 5 second Sox SC highlight to make room for the blueberry festival in Maine. The trip was great, though. We saw a game in Cleveland at the Jake, Philly’s new Citizens Bank Park (rained out after one, still got a cheese steak) and Camden. The Jake was the best- perfect weather, perfect seats, walk off homer and big comeback in a big game. But the crowd was about as loud as a courtroom. This is why Fenway is the one and only and shall never be compared.

Well, I’m back to Remy Land, finally, and I’m sorta going to recap what I’ve missed. I left just after the deadline and Manny didn’t get traded. The options on the board to get for Manny were worth vomiting on, so I’m really glad Theo didn’t pull the trigger. I mean, Mike Cameron, Huff and someone for Manny and a top prospect Anibal Sanchez. Morally and corruptly insane. Now we just push the "Manny being Manny" button and he’s back to pointing at the crowd, tipping his helmet and dancing in the dugout. I’ve come to this final conclusion: Manny Ramirez is a lunatic. A very rare lunatic that can hit a baseball 450 feet without trying.

The Sox promptly swept KC, with Schill recording a save in each game. The Manny return game came in a pinch hit situation, and he delivered the game winning ribbie and crowd just loved it. That was just the beginning of the KC losing streak that lasted 19 games, which unfortunately makes the Royals one of the worst teams ever to play pro baseball. I feel so sorry for Mike Sweeney (but don’t go to the Angels). The Sox then lost two of three to a hot Minnesota team. The series was full of horrible errors, mostly by Renteria and the big kahuna by Timlin, who blew the middle game with an awful, inexcusable and stupid throwing error. Bah.

The Texas series turned into a sweep, with the last one being a laugher on ESPN (I watched the last couple innings). Seriously, why hasn’t the Rangers front office even pushed for a starter in that dreadful rotation? What, does their ownership take after the Orioles? They’ve got to be the worst defensive team in baseball, too. We then took two impressive games against Chicago, with one game being postponed down 5-1 in the fourth. Hawk Harrelson must have loved that. The Detroit series was exciting, but mostly for the worse. Schill laid an egg in the first game, then Boomer gave up five in the first in the third game and they couldn’t come back. In a potential playoff preview, the Sox traveled to Anaheim and took a key two outta three, with Rent-A-Error hitting a clutch homerun and Manny providing insurance.

In that last game, Papelbon looked friggin impressive. This guy might be the future ace and it’s too bad he couldn’t get the W yesterday. As for the other players, well, Damon is leading the AL in hitting, so there’s not much to bitch about there. Manny and Ortiz are hitting the ball well, and even Edgah is climbing that average to around .280. Tek is consistently hitting, same with Mueller. And who died and made you Tony Graffanino!

I really can’t complain about the offense, it’s the pitching that’s in shambles. Schill goes back to the rotation and I just threw up in my mouth. Does he look ready? Not really, but they need him desperately. Wade Miller’s shoulder isn’t exactly as full strength, and Arroyo and Wake are struggling to say the least. The bullpen is on and off, I just want Manny Delcarmen back up in the bigs. Honestly though, Timlin will probably do fine closing. Now the Sox are off to KC, and I’m off to watch some NESN.


At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the future really looks great for the red sox right now

papelbon will be an ace someday


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