Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Who Ate The Last Donut

- First of all, let’s get this Boomer Wells character straightened out. I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to fall in love with this dude. Sure he’ll probably get in a bar fight with a drunk Bruins fan and break his pitching arm sometime in the next month, but have you ever seen a player more intimidating on the mound? Everyone is scared of him. The guy could go pro in boxing or wrestling and be damn good at it. Supposedly he was feeling "under the weather" last night and had to come out after five. Funny how the guy can outlast chugging sixteen beers and not fight a headache. We were playing the Royals…

- As for the division race, can you even imagine if we actually win this thing? It seems like a million years since the Olde Towne Team has overcome those friggin Yankees and won the East. And there is a distinct possibility it happens in the last series of the season, at home, with the Yankees knowing they’ve choked in the ALCS, and now are watching the Hebrew Hammer and Tek give each other man hugs on the pitchers mound after the division clinching game. What else do we have to prove? Repeat?

- Why don’t the Royals just send Greinke down to the minors? The kid is obviously melting, his confidence level is about as high as Kenny Rogers, and there’s no doubt he’s going to eventually be alright. Sure it’s late in the season, but bring him back up in 06 after a little work. He’s 3-15 with an ERA around 6.5, those are not major league numbers for a 22 year old. Then again, they are the Royals…

- Good to see Nixon back in the lineup, and Edgah! is really steaming hot. I’m really starting to like the way he swings the bat, and that huge homer at Anaheim might be just a taste of the rest of the season. He might not be as popular or outspoken as Cabrera, so I think us loyal fans should accept that and stop ragging on him if he makes some errors. Orlando isn’t exactly tearing up the place over in Cali anyway. Let’s just all try to leave him alone. Now the wild card race shows the Indians and Yankees tied for first, and the faltering A’s a game back. Who will win it in the end?


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