Tuesday, August 23, 2005

MVP Chatter

Damon for MVP?

Think about it. This guy is the catalyst and leader of the wild pack known as the Boston Red Sox. He leads the AL in hitting, scores a ton of runs and has provided us with the most famous hair in recent memory. Some say it’s even better than those Eddie Murray sideburns. He’s second in the AL in hits, only behind by a measly two, and has improved his defense in center by a considerable margin. His range is outstanding, and even though a Barbie could throw a baseball farther than him (even Bernie Williams), he catches pretty much anything. He also made that huge catch to save the Matt Clement game in June, then promptly hit a homer in the tenth to win it. Plus, he’s appeared on more daytime talk shows than Tom Cruise.

Manny for MVP?

MVP doesn’t really describe Manny Ramirez. Sure he’s one of the most feared hitters in baseball, leads the league in RBI’s and is hitting around .400 since the deadline, but can you really give Manny the "Most Valuable Player" award after his deadline parade. He may be the most valuable player on the field (and how can you not with that bloated contract), but his .286 average and defensive woes may be holding him back.

Ortiz for MVP?

Nobody is more clutch than David Ortiz. And don’t give the bull about DH’s not getting the MVP, this guy is about as valuable as it gets. His stats are insane with two outs and runners in scoring position, and if you ask any pitcher in the bigs who they’d rather face with the tying run at third and two outs, they’d probably face Manny over Ortiz. He’s the new face and popular character in Boston. Hell, he might be even more popular than Nomah in his prime. Papi defines what "valuable" means for a team.

Who will win it in the end? That bastard named Alex Rodriguez.


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