Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hey Now You're An All Star

Is it just me, or did Damon look drunk off his ass last night during that interview with Sam Ryan? Varitek was in his usual professional state of mind, but holy crap, I kept waiting for Damon to ask Ryan for a kiss. Good old Johnny.

Portland Sea Dogs pitcher Jon Lester struck out 14 in a complete game one-hitter last night, totaling his strikeouts to 25 over the last two games. That’s so very impressive, Theo may call Lester up to AAA Pawtucket and a possible trip to the bigs this season could be on the horizon. Lester has been talked about as one of the best players in the Sox organization, but it seems he’s catching fire right about now. This could ultimately mean he is the big key to a trade for either bullpen help or another starter. Right now, I hope he stays on the club.

Big Papi finished fourth in the home run derby last night. He put up an amazing 17 on the board in the first round, but in the second he looked tired and fatigued. It’s okay, Papi’s 17 was the second most all-time in a single round. The most? Abreu’s 24 last night, including a tape measure rope that reached 517 feet in the thick air and big ballpark in Detroit. It was also fun to see Tejada, Vlad and other Dominican friends (then again, who doesn’t love Ortiz) jump around and playfully feed him water during his first round performance. I still hate Tejada, sorry.

The All-Star game is tonight, in case you haven’t heard. And oh yeah, IT COUNTS! Tito put Damon in the leadoff spot, and rightfully so. Manny and Ortiz are the 3-4 hitters, and Tek gets the #8 spot. Let’s represent the World Champs tonight and get us some more home cookin’ this October. But more than anything else, I hope Clemens gets his head beaten in like last year. I love this game!


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