Thursday, July 07, 2005

Cooperative Curt

It looks as though Curt Schilling, the big man with the bloody sock, the guy who always has a distinct and clear opinion on issues fluttering around our universe, will pitch from the bullpen for as long as the regular season. Yes, you read that correctly. Curt Schilling, last years twenty game winner and playoff hero, will hang out with the farm boys in the pen, chew some tobacco, sign autographs for hot chicks and warm up next to Mike Timlin and Alan Embree. Sounds a bit out of the ordinary. The pandemonium and yelling when Schill enters a game for a possible save would be life-threatening, especially if they play Enter Sandman to go along with it. This could be a fun experiment.

And I completely approve of the decision. There’s not a particle in my noggin that believes this may not go down too well. If he wants to be the next John Smoltz, then word on that G. Tito and Theo figured that Schilling’s ankle, mental and physical state were probably not ready to maintain the strength and toughness it takes to pitch seven or eight innings in the big leagues- at least for right now. He’s very rusty, isn’t having enormous success in his rehab starts, and pulling a bona-fide major league starter from the rotation isn’t exactly a great offer on the table. Whether it be Miller Time, Wake or Cornroyo.

Did I mention that Curt Freakin Schilling is pitching in the bullpen? Do you have any idea how much this improves our biggest need? I don’t care if he’s connected by screws and his ankle isn’t anywhere to major league ready, even though it is, it’s still an improvement from “Suicide” Embree and “Plaster My Walls With Foulke Sucks” Keith Foulke. Petey Gammons said on SportsCenter today that he might end up playing the role as big game closer, something that leaves me beaming. Maybe I’m a little bit too high on this situation, but whatever. We’re four games up.

That reminds me, the Sox did play tonight, and came out on the victor side again. The roadies have won nine of ten away from the Fens, Damon extended his hitting streak to 22, Papi provided us with another “holy shiznit, he did not hit the ball that freakin far” homerun, and Manny and Sveum even added some comedy over a base running issue. I love this team.

To put icing on the cake, Jeter and Matsui both lost out on the last All-Star vote. I also learned that Ortiz will participate in this years Home Run Derby. Huge series coming up with the Orioles this weekend, lets get Boomer massive run support early and grab the momentum.


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