Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Turning Away

Last Monday, the Cleveland Indians were riding high. Coming off a nine game winning streak mostly consisting of beating up weaker teams, their confidence level was high and the Red Sox were nothing but another victim to them. Then a guy by the name of David Ortiz (God bless him) and his rampaging partner Manny Ramirez woke them up and reminded those Indians who the World Champs are. Three days later, the brooms were out of the closet and we strolled out of Jacobs Field with our heads high.

Yesterday, the Boston Red Sox were in another world. They’d experienced a nice seven game winning streak, mostly on the road, bolting them to heavenly first place as the Orioles continued to slide like a wet piece of soap. The Yanks weren’t doing much hotter either. The fans and the team saw this home stand as a perfect way to pad that AL East lead and beat up on average teams like the Indians and Blue Jays. But the Tribe are better than average. With a little help from Trot’s glove, Bellhorn’s blunder and Arroyo’s sack grabbing, the Indians walked out of Fenway Park very pleased with a big win.

That’s baseball.


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