Monday, June 27, 2005

The Rise Of The Rem Dawg

(I couldn't think of a good title or picture, so I went with this. Always works.)

Sorry for the delay on posts here, but it may have to do with the fact that I haven’t seen an entire Red Sox game since last Tuesday. I’ve been busy, ya know, keeping the Fenway Franks on the table for the wife and kids, mowing my new lawn with the Sox logo in the middle and starting my novel all about Mike Myers’ resurrection from the dead. Anyway, life and baseball are going very smoothly. You might have heard that the friggin Boston Red Sox are in first place.

There may be larger forces at work here. The Orioles and Yankees keep losing, stretching our AL East lead now to a solid two and a half games, the largest two and a half games ever witnessed by man. The Sox made me squeal and kick over the pretzel bowl numerous times yesterday as they blew an 8-1 lead (when I turned on the TV to hear RemDawg and Orsillo- one of my midday or nightly sexual pleasures). The game was tied in the seventh after another Alan Embree implosion. But Marky Mark Bellhorn came to the rescue, putting the finishing touches on a breakout game, and bringing a whole new meaning to Saved By The Bellhorn. His RBI double gave us the lead once again, and the insurance gave us a 12-8 win.

And how bout big Boomer chuggin it around the bases last night? That was the highest comedy level ever reached on a baseball field since the Padres put on those hideous brown uniforms again. Look at him go!! He was obviously tiring early though, partly due to the heat, partly due to the fact he carries around a good amount of meat with him. I don’t care, he’s Boomer.

Manny and Ortiz are also climbing those HR and RBI charts very quickly. Clement is at nine wins before the break. We have the bulk of our remaining schedule at home, including an upcoming series with Cleveland, followed by Toronto. Keep those brooms handy once again.


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