Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Bitter Defeat

At my cousins house, Red Sox baseball isn’t exactly a number one priority. Why these people don’t indulge in the beauty of being a member of Sox Nation is beyond me, but last night I found my lonesome self pacing around the room while Keith Foulke introduced my head to the nearest wall. I got to the crib and flicked on the tube, much to the dismay of my fellow family members, and began rampaging around the place, twirling my hand around my head and telling my crew to do the “wave” when Manny hit one to deeeep center. Then it all went downhill from there.

Timlin gave up a run, and quickly Foulke entered the game and blew it. Good times, but more bad times with Foulkey this season, who seems to be lashing out his anger more on WEEI than on the mound. Sadly, he may be losing his job faster than originally thought, as he keeps piling on the bad performances like Ben Affleck. I’d really like to pick up that
Danys Baez from Tampa, even though he is a Devil Ray.

I did catch that All-Star selection show to learn that Clement hadn’t made the team, all because of the rule that every team has to send one player. As a fan, I want to see the best players from any team battle it out on one field, not a guy like Justin Duchsshshshser (even though he is having an impressive season) over a guy like Sammy Sosa or Ken Griffey Jr. or even Barry Bonds on crutches. Unless Mr. Rogers is dealing with his appeal and can’t make it, looks like
Abe will be watching from his Springfield estate.

Congrats to Johnny, Manny, Papi and Tek for making the starting squad. And after a tough loss in Texas last night, I’ll try to watch most of the contest tonight. Also, take a look at this midterm review (thanks to Surviving Grady for the image):


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