Monday, July 11, 2005

Mojo Mentality

If that doesn't lighten up your day, I don't know what will.

On Saturday and Sunday, I came home at night, took a shower, grabbed a snack and headed over to the computer. The next thing I knew, I was blankly staring at the scoreboard on, clearly showing that the Red Sox had faltered in Baltimore once again. The house of horrors. Fenway Park South, somewhat of a cursed building in the last few years for the Sox, as they continue to struggle against those Orioles. But this year is different. This year the Orioles are not flailing around .500, barely staying alive, and getting just pure joy in beating the Red Sox for fun. This year they want and believe they can win the AL East.

At this point in the season, I think the Red Sox should be at least six games up. If not for the friggin bullpen, that might be the case. But with the Yankees running on a rotation where Cheing-Ming Wang is their third reliable starter, and Pavano, Wright and Brown are all on the DL, it’s scary to think they’re only two and a half games back. And the Orioles now have the momentum, with Miguel Tejada driving the horse and carriage to another winning streak. This series upcoming against the Yankees is absolutely and positively humongous. We can’t let them get any closer, or I’ll start dry heaving once again.

Maybe Curt will provide a spark. Who knows? But these lovable bastards better wake up, hit the alarm clock and go out and play first place baseball. Enough of Millar going 0 for 3 game after countless game, or Trot Nixon throwing in the occasional 0 for 5 game with an error. Johnny Damon might win the batting title this year, let’s feed off his tremendous year and win some ballgames. He’s the best catalyst in baseball. I don’t give a shiznit if he’s playing for a massive contract.

Papi in the Home Run Derby tonight. Can’t wait.


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