Saturday, April 23, 2005

Not Enough Wakefield Magic

Mr. Timmaayy kept the Sox in the game, but in the end, the Devil Rays have to win some games, right? Here are some quick player thoughts following a disappointing loss. Eduardo Perez, you son of a gun…

Edgar Renteria: His OBP against right-handed hitters is absurd for a guy making $10 million dollars this season. It’s even lower than Trot’s against lefties, and he has a platoon player in Jay Payton to hit specifically against those lefties. His defense has been stellar, but he’s becoming very close friends with the Mendoza Line and that needs to come to an end quickly. I still think he has the ability to hit .300 this season, maybe he’ll turn it around like Jeter did after his ghastly April. Let’s hope.

David Ortiz: Some people are suggesting that Tito switch Papi and Manny in the order, but Manny might get pissed off and start faking hamstring injuries again, hanging out with random Dominican Yankees at hotel bars and jogging out to left field with water bottles in his pants pocket. In other words, it’ll screw up his focus. Papi may be pressing a little bit here, he’s having an inordinate amount of trouble waiting on off speed pitches. I’m sure he’ll get a hittable inside fastball in the near future, crank it over Saratoga, and everyone will shut up.

Johnny Damon: Really can bug the crap out of you at times, but usually gets the job done. But it’s nothing like Derek Lowe Bug The Crap Out Of You. Johnny got the sac fly tonight, partially helped because the right fielder was named Gomes and therefore he had no chance to get Bellhorn even before he released the ball. Then he got the clutch seeing-eye single to tie the game, like the OC last September against Rivera, only this time it was a MUCH bigger game. For Damon to fight off the Tropicana crowd is unthinkable in that situation, it’s like a chainsaw in your earlobe. But really, he’s just a guy who simply gets the job done consistently. Unless you want him to bunt, of course.

Alan Embree: This years possible slogan: Surviving Alan Embree. Has Mike Timlin gone officially extinct? Is Tito planning to let Embree blow every single tie game for the rest of the season? Yeah, I’m bitter, and I’m sure Wad Of Chew will be fine. I just wanna see Mikey out there more often. That Embree fastball is looking as straight as ever.

God, I hate domes.


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