Friday, April 15, 2005

Representing The Minority...

The media's reaction to this incident between Gary Sheffield and that Red Sox fan is making me sick. I still can't believe people are blaming this all on that fan and praising Sheffield for apparently "keeping his composure." First of all, the fan accidentally touched the cap of Sheffield; watch the tape, he's looking at home plate when this happens. Second of all, it's pretty hard to muster that his justified reaction to the incident is to shove the fan in the face in front of him. I personally believe he just lost his cool and did this because he was mad over any vulgur comments he was yelling during the play, not because of the touching of his hat. The fan still has no right to put his hands or any part of his body over the fence and in the field of play, but the praise Sheffield is receiving over this makes me want to throw up. Please.

I think there was no ultimate malicious intent by the fan to hit Sheffield in the face. The biggest deal here is his reaction, something that everybody is backing. Sheff has to realize he is on the field of play in a major league baseball game on national television, with everyone watching him, and you can't react like he did by shoving the fan. I'm sorry, but a normal reaction would be to swat the hand away quickly, not push the fan farther into the stands. Now Sheffield is saying that he was trying to clear himself some room to throw the ball into play!!! Gimme a break, thats the lamest excuse I've ever heard. How about taking a freakin step the other way, Sheff.

And these baseball analysts completely make me insane. Just like the NBA guys after the Artest game, they totally back Sheffield and everything he did during the play. Clowns like him always get protected by these former players that get paid to defend coddled athletes today. Makes me sick. Everyone is saying how it was all that fans fault, and Gary did all the right things. I completely disagree and I'll stand by that to my grave. Also, great job by the security guard getting there A.S.A.P. Even though it would have been fun to see Sheff get ten games in the ropes.


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