Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Knuckle Sandwich

Tim Wakefield loves playing for the Red Sox. The Red Sox and their fans love Tim Wakefield. As you might have figured out, Tim-Mayyy signed a new extension today, guaranteeing that Wake will play for the Sox until 2006. This is pretty much like signing a contract for life, because we know, and the organization knows, Tim Wakefield isn’t pitching anywhere else.

As for the game yesterday, well, isn’t this what we’re supposed to be expecting? The Sox taking care of business against the weak AL East teams. Everyone should have seen Manny’s explosion coming, especially with another young, inexperienced pitcher on the hill at Fenway. First Brazelton, now Bush get a taste of what Manuel Aristides brings to the table. For the upteenth time, this guy’s swing is pantheon. Indescribable. One of a kind.

As for Schilling, an average start. Yeah, he struck out ten, but also gave up ten hits. He threw way too many pitches in not many innings, even though most of them were strikes. You can see him gradually improving, and soon enough, he’ll be old Curt again. Plus, he had his wife to worry about in the back of his head. Win #1.

As for the Yanks, they apparently woke up from their nap. Even though it was Tampa and a pitcher nobody’s ever heard of, their bats were rockin and rollin. Still, Jaret Wright did everything possible to get Tampa back in the game. His crappy pitching performance, for the most part, is overshadowed by the blowout.

Tonight, we get Cornroyo against Halladay. Let’s make it six, boys.


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