Sunday, April 17, 2005

Another Day At The Office

Didn’t catch most of the game tonight. Saw the first four innings on-and-off while cringing after every B.J. Ryan fastball in the ninth inning of the Yankees-Orioles game. I can’t believe it’s April, and I care this much. But, figure this, the Yanks are 4-7, in last place, trying not to get swept by their slave Orioles, and have Kevin Brown pitching tomorrow. Did I mention they’re in last place? Did I mention Kevin Brown was pitching tomorrow?

I did catch Manny slap around Dewon Brazelton for a granny and a two-run dinger over the Monster. Great stuff. Just watching Manny’s swing brings chills down my spine, it’s so damn smooth and perfect. I’d give a freakin kidney to be able to swing like that for one day. But, most importantly, he broke out of that “slump” that everyone was talking about. His slump was more like hitting the ball to the exact wrong spot in the exact wrong times, getting robbed of sure hits, and getting behind in the count. He’s Manny Ramirez, folks. I won’t be at all shocked if he bats .500 in the next five games.

Clement shook off a couple shaky first innings and overall looked impressive in his Fenway debut. The team is ripping, the pitching is improving, but I’m worried this bullpen isn’t being tested enough. I mean, these guys looked pitiful in Toronto and New York, and now that we keep blowing out the Rays, there’s not much intense in-game action with the pen involved. Foulke, Timlin and crew are just sitting on their asses making money. And do I mind this trend at all? Not one bit. I’m just a little concerned…

Tomorrow we get Tim Wakefield, by far our most impressive pitcher this season so far. He really steps it up in big games against the Yankees, but tends to blow up against the weaker clubs like the D’Rays. And I’ll get to see what this Kazmir kid is all about.

Have I mention the Yankees are 4-7 yet?


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