Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Ramon Is Not Our Savior

Really tough, disappointing loss last night, as we all witness the immortal Ramon Vasquez decide the game with the last at-bat. Any other day to get sick, Billy. Francona made a questionable move defensively, subbing in Jay Payton for Manny in the eighth inning, subsequently forcing
Payton to bat in a big situation in the eighth instead of Ramirez. Sure, Manny has some trouble with the sun, but I don’t see any need to make that defensive replacement. It’s too early to mess around like that. Terry Francona’s screw-up meter has officially reached one.

The moon shot from Manuel Aristides was a rocket shot, the longest home run I’ve ever seen hit at Fenway. The ball went over the monster, over the lights, over buildings, over the sun, over the Egyptian Pyramids and over a parking lot before landing close to the Pike! The PIKE!! Not even Big Mac could do that in the 99 Derby. Definitely the highlight of my night. I say it was 485, Gammons says possibly 500.

Then the bullpen squanders the game away again. Embree, who came in with boatloads of confidence and outstanding numbers, gave up a two-run job to Vernon “I’m Doing” Wells (actually, he’s not, hitting around .200), then Foulke continues to stick a pitchfork through our collective backs with another loss. I’m hoping this is just another slow start.

Yankees lose again. Can you believe Randy Johnson lost at home to the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, a team with 1/14 the payroll and 1/400 the fan base. Facing the Artist Formerly Known As Hideo Nomo, a guy who can barely clock 85 on his fastball. They lost 6-2! I don’t care what month it is. That just plain sucks.

Now we head off to Camden, leaving the friendly confines. Hopefully Boomer and Cy Young Clement can cool down the Orioles bats and that pesky Brian Roberts. Where the hell did this guy come from? At this point last year I was wondering why he isn’t in a California farm league somewhere. That lineup makes me want to pour boiling water down my throat.

I’ve been a little sluggish with just game recaps, I’ll have a more creative article up tomorrow…


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