Saturday, April 16, 2005

.500 Never Felt So Good

Finally the Yanks have gone bye-bye (did I just say that?) and we can focus on demolishing other teams with slightly less payrolls. The Devil Rays came into town tonight carrying Hideo Nomo and something called confidence, boosted after an impressive showing last night at home against the Orioles. That game was also played in a dome, their ninth consecutive game in that piece of crap, meaning they’d have to adjust to chilly Fenway. Didn’t quite work out for Piniella’s crew.

Nomo looked shaky from the beginning, not being able to find the strike zone and showing why so many teams have already given up on him. The Sox finally cashed in with a Bellhorn double in the second, going the other way and ripping the ball into the gap. This is what Bellhorn has to do more. Instead of swinging with that massive uppercut and trying to pull the ball of Pesky’s Pole all the time, why not go “oppo” and let your natural talent take over? You’ve got the power, my friend.

Papi likes the Salami and goes yahd later in the second, adding to his early RBI total. The game was pretty much a breeze from there, we added a few, and Boomer kept rolling. Sure, it was Tampa, a team he’s controlled during his entire career, but he just needed to feel victory again. After getting pummeled in his first two starts, and riding the momentum from a few solid innings in the latter part of that Toronto game, Wells was un-hittable. He was controlling pitches, hitting spots, but the fact he wears short sleeves in 40 degree weather still pisses me off…

Edgah is rippin, and if Manny can catch some breaks, this team looks really good. Manny seems to be pressing just a little. He needs to rip on more favorable counts and not send it to two strikes every time up at-bat. When he gets to two strikes, he seems to be tentative and is pulling his head, therefore popping up pitches. Can someone tell me why the hell I’m ridiculing Manny Ramirez’s swing?

Anyway, the Sox win 10-0 and get to 5-5. The Yanks lose 8-1 behind an 0-4 game from Choke-Rod and another Pavano Implosion. They’re 4-6, worst start since 1991. Sounds kinda like last year…


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