Thursday, June 09, 2005

Under Control

David Wells is out of shape. He’s bloated, fat and overweight. The guy has no fastball and his curveball is dead. It’s like a hanging volleyball waiting to be smoked into the bleachers. His career is over. It was Theo’s worst mistake yet.

Yeah, right.

Boomer came through in a big way last night, pitching eight masterful, tremendous innings over one of the best lineups in baseball. It was gravy from the first pitch for Wells, who continues to lower his ERA with every start. Maybe it was just some early season rust that was his problem, or the pressure of acceptance problems from Boston fans. I know I was pissed at him.

And the bats got rolling. Edgah! hit a dinger and the under-appreciated Bill Mueller and Jason Varitek had great games. How bout Ortiz’s moon shot, huh? The only thing is Millah in left field…let’s avoid that again, please.

We head to Wrigley where a series win would be really, really sweet.


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