Thursday, June 02, 2005


Let’s take a spin through the ninth inning of today’s game:

Damon flies out to deep center. After this out, I’m feeling about 110% less confident in our chances to win this game. Not only does B.J. Ryan usually dominate the Red Sox in the ninth inning, but our leadoff hitting, on-base, hitting machine just made the first out. Not exactly the “spark” you need against a dominant closer like Ryan. I just looked at the on-deck circle and threw up in my mouth.

Here comes Mr. Bellhorn. He’s done it before in the clutch (Game 1 of the World Series) but his production this year didn’t have me hoping for much. I was just wishing he’d get on base and start something for the top of the order, maybe give Youk a chance to become a household name in Boston. Now, maybe Mark Bellhorn isn’t a guy you can expect 20 homers out of, a near .300 average or anywhere near gold glove play, but he does give it his all every time he steps on the field. Legging out an infield single in this inning was just another example.

So here comes Youk. Time for a walk off. He quickly strikes out.

Renteria steps to the plate to the overwhelming joy of the Fenway crowd. Maybe he doesn’t understand, but our fan base as a whole would like nothing more than to see him succeed. He’s a good guy, just look at his innocent face. He wouldn’t kill a fly. Plus, we’re all trying to end our love affair with Orlando Cabrera, what better way to forgot OC than Edgah providing the fireworks? Surprisingly, Renteria lays down a perfect bunt single and Bellhorn is in scoring position down one run.

Ortizzle is up. There’s no freakin way he can do it again, right? It’s uncanny how this guy succeeds in tough positions. He runs the count full on Ryan, and I figure he ‘s got too many tricky pitches in his arsenal to let Ortiz beat him with one pitch. Wrong decision by Ryan, and Ortiz cranks the pitch to deep center and gone.


Sox win.


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