Friday, May 27, 2005


The Red Sox are slumping, and you know what, this is a wake up call for me. I really don’t like them losing at all, but I’m officially parting ways with 2004 and focusing on this season. It’s hard at this point in time, but this is Red Sox baseball. Not champagne pouring, bear hugging, dry humping and all that good stuff I’m used to, but the good ole frustrating, up and down Sawx I’ve watched for many years. Fine. I figured it would come sooner or later. Actually, better sooner than later.

Tonight, it was the rookie Cano and Sheff that did the trick against Wake, who’s quickly returning to the .500 pitcher we’re accustomed to. Edgar had a nice night, but that’s about all the silver lining I can get out of this game. I actually didn’t see most of it ( I know I should be smited) but the highlights look just bad. Randy had his speed up, Manny still sucks, Rivera is back to normal, the Yanks are hot, the Sox are cold and everything is pointing the wrong way.

Boys, we’ve actually got a wall to climb. Let’s overcome this adversity and show the Yanks the real Bostonian steel balls. Maybe Clement will provide another rendition of the Gettysburg Address tomorrow. Let’s hope.


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