Tuesday, May 24, 2005

God, Save Us From This Pit Of Agony

I hate the Skydome, or Rogers Centre, whatever those Canadians call it now. I hate it. I always have, and always will. Case closed.

Sad loss tonight, it’s one of those games you wanna puke all over the room and shout at random objects around the house. Painful. A lot of people are already doubting Francona’s decision to bring in Alan Embree to pitch the ninth, especially after watching him give up that walk-off to Eduardo Perez the last time. Zaun and Hudson were both switch hitters, and Embree has been excellent lately. It was the right move, just unfortunately came back to haunt us.

On the bright side, Mueller homered again, but the dark cloud appeared once again as he left the game after being hit around the foot area. At least we have Youk, right. But still, I hope Mr. Under-Appreciated isn’t out for long. He’s a fragile guy, remember when he missed that long stretch last year after a minor injury? We don’t want that again, and it’s too bad, because Billy is becoming one of the best defensive third baseman in the league. No exaggeration.

The Yanks are kickin major bootay in the Bronx, which is worth another head banging on the desk. A-Rod’s gone deep twice, and all of a sudden, they’re just one and a half games behind us in the standings. Meanwhile, the O’s are still playing well, and the Jays are even creeping. The Sox need to step it up tomorrow and grab a big win. I believe in Cornroyo.

Meanwhile, Renteria speaks out on LaRussa‘s comments about him possibly not being a good fit in Boston:

"I’m surprised. I don’t know why he said that. Maybe they want me back or something. I’m done with St. Louis already, and I play with Boston right now. It’s my house right now, my family. I don’t feel (special) pressure (here). When I play, I feel pressure everyday to be successful. That’s why I’m the kind of player I am."

Word, G.


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