Friday, May 20, 2005

The Champagne Of Free Agent Pitchers

A ball-busting ninth inning capped off a very entertaining interleague matchup tonight at the Fens. Now, I’m completely and fully against anyone who mutters the word “interleague,” and I consider this scheduling travesty the worst part about baseball. It’s just another way to boost attendance and get more asses in the seats, that’s fine with me, whatever.

But the way it messes up the schedules (having some teams play tougher opponents, awkward interleague matchups like Toronto vs. Houston and the DH rule becoming a possible breaking point in the game) can come back to haunt certain teams who need to make a stretch run in late June or July. In my opinion, there should be one, and only ONE weekend of interleague play all season. Have the big rivalries- Mets-Yanks, ChiSox-Cubs, Dodgers-Angels, Giants-A’s, etc. and just leave it at that. The Red Sox play six interleague series this season, which is insane.

As for the game, just a remarkable performance by Wade Miller. This guy might possibly become the biggest and most under-appreciated off season addition in all the Bigs, folks. Take a mid-90’s fastball with a nasty change and a 12-to-6 Zito-esque curve that the AL hasn’t seen yet, and you’ve got a recipe for success. Miller had a no-hitter through four, and just cruised from there. The Artist Formely Known As Keith Foulke gave the Nation a collective shiver in the ninth, but with some luck, came out on top. Mueller got off the shnuck with a pole shot, Tek went yard and Edgah even got himself an RBI. Even though I still kinda sorta miss Cabrera.

One run wins always feel so good. Not only that your team can perform when it gets into pressure situations, but the fans know the team is capable of not blowing every single game. Yes, I understand I made zero point in that last sentence, but it makes sense to me.

Tomorrow, Wake. Sunday, Clementine. Sox. Rule.


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