Sunday, June 19, 2005

Back To NormalCy

After a tough loss last night, complete with an offensive meltdown that blew another nice Wakefield showing, the Sox had almost no time to recover before an afternoon game the next day. Well, they recovered. Quickly. The O got on Kip Wells right away (seriously, who the hell names their son Kip), with everyone contributing just like Friday nights game. I love what I’m seeing out of the regular starters, bench guys, and most of all, Matt Clement.

Clement has the tools to win the Cy Young this season, and if you think I’m kidding, just watch this guy pitch once in a while. He’s got four out pitches, including that sinker that drops off the shelf on hitters with two strikes. A decent fastball and good changeup, and you’ve got yourself an 8-1 pitcher with a low ERA in the top ten. He’s quickly turning into the ace of this ball club, and with Schill out, it’s really nice feeling overly confident in a pitcher in our rotation. Every time the Emancipator steps out on that Fenway mound, it seems the Sox are on their way to a win.

Jason Varitek. The MVP of this team, hands down. I have to comment on that awesome block of the plate he had on Jack Wilson on Friday- just an amazing heads up play by an experienced catcher that has uncanny reactions to quick plays. He does so much for the team as a whole- making every young pitcher better on the staff, always hustling and sprinting to the batters box before he hits, always teaching and helping others. A great teammate, not to mention a great defensive and offensive catcher.

Billy Mueller. The Pro is so unappreciated for what he brings to the table. Numerous times today he made outstanding plays at third base, first on a sharp grounder to his right that he dove, made the transfer, and threw to first just in time (with a great stretch from Olerud). Then, he jumped and caught a sharp broken bat liner by Wilson to get Clement out of a tough jam in the fifth. He also had a big triple near the 420 sign, a sac fly early in the game, and ran the bases with perfection. The guy gets the friggin job done.

Saturday: I also have to second guess Tito last night for some of the moves he made. First off, you don’t bring in a pitcher with a 7.02 ERA in the seventh inning of a tie ballgame. Embree’s given up too many long balls and has pitched like cow dung this season, I don’t care if he hasn’t worked in a while or whatever the lame ass excuse was. Then you double your trouble with the inconsistent Mantei. Top that off with pitching John Halamamama in the ninth and you’re bound to lose the game.

Jay Playton delivered today also with a homer. Maybe we should play….na, trade him. Gabe Kapler on the horizon?


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