Tuesday, June 14, 2005

There's A Rumble Behind The Mill

Some rumblings from around the mill:

According to the Hartford Courant, Manny Ramirez is planning to retire after his current contract expires in 2008. But given a choice, the Red Sox would love to get rid of his huge contract (roughly $20 million a year) after this season.

Unfortunately, this is extremely likely to happen. Manny’s contract may essentially be a factor if the Red Sox lose in the postseason, granted they make it there, this season. That $20 million is prevented them from dishing out a large sum for a guy like Tim Hudson or Carlos Beltran last off season, and may hold them back from signing a marquee player during this years deadline. It may continue to hold them back until 2008, when the contract expires. Nobody wants Manny to remain in Boston more than me, but when you look at the big scheme of things, getting rid of that money would open up so many possibilities in improving the team in needed areas, such as first base. Whatever happens, we know Theo will make the right move.

Speaking of Theo, if you actually look at the first base situation closely, he did the right thing. I mean, Tito now has three solid options in Millar, Olerud and Youkilis over there while Dougy M is stinkin it up at Shea. The guy is hitting .208, and there were many articles in the New York papers saying they need a change at the position (possibly Huff or Overbay). The guy may be outstanding defensively, but his best offensive days are behind him. And Renteria still has better numbers than Cabrera.

According to USA Today, Shea Hillenbrand could be dealt by the trading deadline if the Blue Jays fall out of contention. The Jays have yet to put Hillenbrand on the trade block, but they are willing to listen to offers. The leading candidates seem to be the Red Sox, Rangers and Yankees.

This won’t and shouldn’t happen. Farmer Shea would probably like playing at the Fens again (anything’s better than the Dump Known As The Rogers Centre), but there’s no need for a corner infielder when you’re already carrying 200 on your active roster. Jeez, Youk can already play both, Vasquez can play third and we just signed Olerud. Add that to Millar and Mueller, and that’s settled.

Also, Womack’s days are numbered in New York. How can a guy in that lineup have ZERO homers and TEN runs batted in. He plays every day, just at the wrong position. It’s pretty much a mess. I never understood why they gave up on Cairo, anyway.

And how bout the Emancipator!


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