Thursday, June 16, 2005

Yo Dude, Where Did You Put The Broom

A sweep.

Much needed, to say the least. The recipe was not Edgah’s bat heating up, nor Foulke getting some big saves, not even a nice Miller to Mueller to Millar double play. It was a simple as coming home and playing quality baseball. All the guys needed was some home cooking, playing under the friendly Fenway lights, and all is well in Sox Nation. Plus, getting three awesome starts from Cy Young Clement, Boomah and Cornroyo never hurts.

But there’s this slight problem here: those damn Orioles keep winning. I know it’s only June 15, and looking at the playoff picture would be pretty useless and absurd, but well, I’m useless and absurd. That’s the just the way I am. I like looking at the big picture. So when I see the Orioles are beating up on teams like the lowly Astros at home while we sweep, it takes a little fun out of the whole winning deal. A little bit.

As for Papi, people have to start considering him a top notch player in baseball. He’s already known as a clutch hitter, but I’m talking top ten hitters in the league, maybe even top five in the power rankings. Not playing the field ever hurts his chances, but if he keeps carrying the Red Sox, people have to start considering Ortiz as a possible MVP candidate. It brings tears to my eyes every time he crushed an inside fastball over the foul pole. You don’t get the feeling a player is going to hit a home run on EVERY SINGLE PITCH that often. That’s how I feel with David Ortiz.

I’m just happy the pitching staff is back on track. Time for Embree and the bullpen now. We can’t get too cocky here, those pesky Pirates are playing with nothing to lose. This could be a tougher series than most people think.

As for right now, the Sox are running on all cylinders. The cockiness, the confidence, the hugging- it’s all there. And with our luck, we have an off day tomorrow. Keep the mojo flowing, guys.


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