Monday, June 13, 2005

Paging The Knuckler

Great game last night. You put all the pieces together- a nice Wakefield performance that was overly due, solid hitting out of the subs like Mirabelli and Youkilis, and even a stellar bullpen job- and the Sox find themselves “avoiding another sweep” at the hands of an NL opponent. Great, now we get Cincy, who are abysmal on the road, and Pittsburgh, who is very beatable, with some momentum following that win. This could be a big step in the season and make Theo’s head a little less dreary.

And how bout Wake chugging the bases!! Was that high comedy or was that high comedy? The guy even scratched out a nice oppo hit, then collects an RBI, then pulls a rabbit out of his ass and runs from first base to home on a double. He looked alright out there too, you know, for being a pitcher and all. The Baller’s been working on the wind sprints too, I see.

Manny even homered as I was just about to set fire to my bronze statue of him. Call him uninterested, call him a slacker, call him done, but I still will always love the guy and know he will break out eventually. Could this be the start? Tomorrow, I’ll analyze what Theo should do to improve this team for another postseason run. Does it involve Manny?

What a genius idea to honor Fisk’s homerun tonight. I love this ownership and what they’ve done to the ballpark, team, etc. Let’s get the Emancipator a nice win.


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