Friday, June 17, 2005

Fashion Statement

Tonight, a meeting with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The team with the coolest throwback unis and throwback players the game ever saw. Honus Wagner and his pointy nose, along with the coolest nickname in baseball history- the Flying Dutchman. The great 70’s teams with Clemente and Stargell, sporting the pimped-out stripped hats and the occasional bright yellow pants. There’s nothing like those old Pirates unis, so they should wear them for a few games this weekend. While were at it, why not have the Sox thrown on that old Cy Young throwback? Would anyone be against this? I'm paging Bud now.

The 1979 championship team also had the greatest names such as Bill Madlock, Ed Ott and Rennie Stennett. Read that last name again. Omar Moreno was the starting center fielder. And the all important Doe Boyland even got a ring. Can't forget Enrique Romo.

Possibly my favorite non-Red Sock of all time. The guy did everything with such grace and easiness, I only wish I could have watched him every day in his prime. The gun in right field, the speed on the bases, the power and clutch hits- I've heard all about them and how easy he made baseball seem to the average person. Watch some clips from the 1971 World Series, you'll see what I mean. Baseball will always miss Roberto Clemente.


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