Friday, June 10, 2005

Postgame Review

Wow, that really sucked. Arroyo was getting hammered from the start, with a little help from the Wrigley wind, of course. Even Maddux homered, and I’m probably the only Red Sox fan in the word that’s actually happy for him. Also, Embree and Halama need to start pitching like major leaguers or pack their bags. At one point in the game, I even saw Embree shake off Varitek as he tried to visit the mound. You quite simply do not disrespect the captain.

Papi had two blasts. Bellhorn homered. Gotta find some silver lining here, folks. And since I have nothing else to say, I’ve decided to do a final grade report on the “off the field” rewards following the Red Sox championship:

Faith Rewarded DVD: Very well documented, and some of the images are priceless. The ending left me in tears the first couple times I watched it, even though I tried very hard to cry because I’d feel guilty if I didn’t. Schilling has some great comments and this DVD follows the entire season so much better than the World Series film, which tends to just jump past everything that happened throughout the journey. Any Red Sox fan must see this immediately. Grade: A

World Series DVD: Denis Leary, even though I think he’s a great actor, really sends a drowning voice into such a glorifying moment in Sox history. He’s a great fan and all, just not the right choice. Even though I loved that Mastercard commercial. Overall, the film follows the World Series so well (hence the name), but ends with the annoying Tessie instead of Faith Rewarded’s Dirty Water. That’s just a hint of the difference between the two. Grade: B

Fever Pitch: This was that movie with Jimmy Fallon….yeah, that thing. Well, I can’t say it was bad considering it portrayed everything that I will probably end up to be in a few years, but there were some prime glitches that bothered me. First off, the whole laptop issue with Drew Barrymore bugs me to this day… I can’t even discuss this rationally without vomiting all over my computer. And Fallon watching the Buckner clip over and over again, not even a drunk, stoned, beaten Red Sox fan would go there. The part with Fallon’s friends shaving his balls was also not needed. Grade: B-

Queer Eye For The Red Sox: Just a complete waste of time. The players looked uninterested, the gay guys are only funny for a while before their voices start to sound like birds chirping in your ear, and they spent most of the time at this Little League field with kids. The players didn’t even look different at all, just threw on some fashionable suits. They all look the same now anyway. But the show was just SO BORING, I felt like I was in solitary confinement. Grade: D

Shaughnessy’s Book: I’ve heard a lot of bad stuff about it, but I found it quite interesting. He had some in-depth, inside information that only Dan would get, and even threw in some nice Nomah bashing. It really showed the personalities of the players, pretty much describing every single players lives. I’m not even kidding. There were some weak spots, but overall, I enjoyed it. Grade: B

Schilling On Celebrity Poker: He sucked. Grade: F

Any other ones I’m forgetting?


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