Monday, September 19, 2005

Yeah, I Can See Over That Helmet

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It’s never fun losing to Tampa Bay. It’s never fun seeing that jolly little smirk after a Rays win from our dear friend Lou Pinella. It’s never fun losing by one run in a pennant race, especially when our bitter rival and chaser in the division wins on a Bubba Crosby walk off home run. Sad day for the Sox.

The game started off on the right foot, with Damon doubling, Renteria moving him over and Papi adding another ribbie to his already bloated statistics. Edgah hit a sac fly in the second, but Wells was playing with fire over the first two innings and couldn’t make it out of a third inning where the Rays plated four runs and that cheese sign was obviously distracting Wells in the background. When he returned to the clubhouse, Boomer happily helped himself to a slice and played guitar with his Babe Ruth statue.

It was the same guys that always kill the Red Sox. The biggest blow came from Jorge Cantu, who always finds a way to spoil our hopes of a comeback. But the bigger question is: how can he see the pitch with his helmet so friggin low?

I gotta throw out a little love to my boy Alex Cora for a two-RBI triple earlier in the game, and Ortiz with a two-RBI double later. And if you really want a silver lining, how bout that young gunner Craig Hansen? Throwing 97 mph heaters. Absolutely making Hall and Lugo look like little leaguers with those moving fastballs and breaking sliders. Even though Papelbon gave up the bomb to Cantu, there’s something that tells me these guys make out a bright pitching future for the Sox.

The bullpen was really worn out as the game got to the latter innings, so Tito had to leave Chad Bradford in too long in the eighth. He gave up the big run that mattered, then almost surrendered another one if not for the smarts of Cap’n Tek (who can’t hit for…yeah, you know), tagging out Gomes after he missed the plate. MVP David Ortiz blasted a shot off Baez in the ninth, but Manny struck out on a nasty breaking ball, and the fat lady was singing away. It’s getting normal now for Papi to come through with a big hit and Manny to subsequently choke. It’s gotten to the point where you expect Manny to screw up.

Well, the lead is down to a slim half game, with another divisional collapse possibly shaping out right in front of our tearful eyes. There’s always tomorrow. Time for Curtis to step up.


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