Friday, September 16, 2005

The Ken Macha Blown Strategy

Manny taking one for the team. In the middle of a tight pennant race that’s getting more nut-busting and nerve-racking by the second, it is the constantly slacking Manny Ramirez that wins the game on a walk off hit by pitch. Not that he could have gotten out of the way or anything, but we’ll let that slide.

More importantly, Tim Wakefield has solidified himself as our number one starter if we make the playoffs, I mean, when we make the playoffs. The guy was simply phenomenal tonight. Besides a couple mistakes and that lucky hit by Douche Payton, he’d be in line for another W. I can’t believe he could even get a good grip on the knuckleball with the rain coming down so hard, but he found a way as usual. Timlin pitched a nervous tenth, and in the bottom of the inning the Sox struck.

Also, watching SportsCenter, I’m convinced of two things. One, Steve Levy is a Yankees fan. Two, how do they know what Randy Johnson said to the umpire in the Yankees-Jays game? He could have said the most derogatory, vulgar comment ever known to man. I’m sure he didn’t say, "well, Mr. Umpire Sir, can you please explain kindly to me why that last pitch was not a strike?" Brantley wants to fine the umpire! I mean, it was a quick and probably unfair hook in a huge game, but they won anyway. So stop whining. I just wouldn’t want to run into Randy Johnson on the streets.

But don’t you just love these pennant races? I’m even into the National League, and I just found out there actually was a National League this offseason. The Indians and Yanks for the Wild Card, the Indians and ChiSox in the Central, the Yanks and Sox in the East, the A’s and Angels in the West, the Astros, Phils and Fish in the NL Wild Card- pretty exciting stuff around baseball. Let’s enjoy.


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At 12:18 PM, Anonymous mike said...

I hate when managers bring in bullpen pitchers with the bases loaded in that situation. You already have a righty out there, a righty that's K'd Manny all three times they've faced...instead you bring in Yab-Who with a slippery ball and a pressure situation. I don't get it.

At 3:17 PM, Blogger Zach said...

i couldn't agree more


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