Saturday, July 16, 2005

While The Lead Slips Away...

Doesn't that just make you sick.

Yesterday, the boys executed a nice ass whooping on those Yankees. That’s all fine and dandy, until you stink it up the next day. I couldn’t wait for the game to start. It seemed perfect. Nice day, Sox coming off another 17-1 thumping, maybe a winning streak on the way? Of course not. Finally, the Emancipator came out sloppy and somehow lost any clue of where the strike zone might be, then the Yankee bats pounced on him for good. He cut down on the walks this season, but today his normal flaw became evident.

Back to last night, which was probably the most satisfying game of the season. It was at Fenway, against the Yankees, and the Sox won by sixteen runs. Not too shabby. The best part of last night? Seeing the Yankees follow Tim Redding in the second inning with some guys named Proctor, Anderson, Groom and Whoever. You’d think with a 208 million dollar payroll they could afford a solid bullpen. Jeez, Tanyon friggin Sturtze is their man before Flash and Mariano. After Nixon’s inside the park job (which by the way was a sharp-hit ball which zoomed away at the last second, and was not entirely Melky’s fault), Papi made a salami sandwich of his own just for good measure. You think Yankee fans enjoy that man’s presence?

Today was a little different. After Clementine got that 3-0 pitch on Bernie to be called an extremely low strike, and then he eventually K’d him later in the at-bat, I thought today would go our way. Clement had thrown 270,000 straight balls before that pitch, but with the help of Bruce got that strikeout, then retired the next two batters on strikeouts. But the third inning didn’t turn out so well. The Yanks poured six on, and that was pretty much the ballgame. The Sox rallied to cut it to 6-4 during a nice effort by Jeremi Gonzalez, but the Yanks won 7-4 in the end. Perfect day ruined.

The Yankees did pick up Al Leiter to start tomorrow night. Ha. Sox = kick major pinstripe ass.

(Johnny up to 28!!!!)


At 12:05 AM, Anonymous Chris said...

yeah, so did the homerun by A-Rod slip off the bat? or was that an accident too?

At 12:07 AM, Blogger Zach said...

(waiting till Al Leiter takes the mound for an appropriate comeback)


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