Saturday, May 07, 2005


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Matt Clement and Bronson Arroyo are both 4-0. Obviously, Arroyo’s been much more impressive posting his record, and Clement usually gets a lot more run support. The bottom line: When these guys take the hill for the Red Sox, the team doesn’t lose. Whether it’s delivering with a clutch RBI double in the ninth or putting up an onslaught of runs early, it seems like the team really gets it done with these guys on the hill. Yesterday was another great example- some early runs, Papi crushing a Moyer fastball, Mueller finally having a big game- the pieces were all there. Out of every game this season, that was one of the most satisfying.

Was it the most exciting? Not exactly. But, I’ll take it any day of the week. The Sox do have some things to worry about in the near future, including Johnny Damon’s leg and Edgar Renteria’s finger. They’ve already got Schill and Wells on the shelf. Millar is down near .240 with no homers, and it’s beside me why he’s still hitting in the 5-hole. Why not move Tek up a slot? He’ll probably hit .320 with 20 homers after the break, but right now he does not look comfortable at the plate.

The team is running on all cylinders. As I mentioned before, we have our aces. The team has won four straight. Even Vasquez is getting the occasional hit, along with Payton. I really like what I’m seeing out of the Sox, and hopefully we can keep this going for a while.

As for the Yanks, OUCH. This team is a complete and total mess. All their pitching is old and injured, the bullpen blows every game they enter and the defense laid a massive egg last night. Jeter, Tino and A-Rod all screwed up on groundballs. Just a complete mental breakdown from the richest team in baseball, a team that should be running away from the pack right now and simply dominating. It’s falling apart for them, and I’m loving every single second of it. The best part? Seeing the Frozen Cashman Face once again.

Possibly Gonzo tonight if they can get the game in. Oh and by the way, GO CELTICS!


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