Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Gravy And Biscuits

The guy battles, the guy works hard, the guy continues to believe and believe and the guy eventually will deliver. That guy is Kevin Millar. The heart of Red Sox Nation, the leader of Cowboy Up and the Idiots, the man who almost lost his lunch looking at Manny’s hair the first day of spring training. He did not give up. He did not let up. Even though we doubted him, he knew the big home runs would come. Tonight, the dramatics were at an all-time 2005 high as Edgah, Jay, Wade, Mantei and all the newcomers got to experience their first walk-off at Fenway Park.

And it was ironic that is was Kevin who hit the big home run. For many reasons. First of all, he decided to play the role of Captain Train Wreck at first base, making two errors and costing Bronson of a 5-0 record. The second error came on such a easy play as stepping on first base. Maybe he was surprised Bronson threw the ball to first? Who knows what’s going through his head. Bottom line: He screwed up big time. It’s not that he made up for his bonehead plays, he made us completely forget. Time to jump around, party, flip some beer kegs around and take a stroll down near the Hahhbaah. Red Sox baseball at its best.

The story of Kevin Millar this season is really quite simple. He’s the streakiest player to put on a Red Sox uniform in a really long time, and this year is some more of the same flavor. He can go months hitting around the Mendoza Line, strutting his way through the clubhouse, lightening up the players, helping his teammates, continuing to keep that “improved” work ethic and whatever superstitious crap he might come up with. Then he can go months hitting over .300, but he still helps his teammates, jokes around, eating his KFC, doing the same stuff he’d do if he were struggling.

He’s such a great character and great guy, you just know he’ll come around for your team. As he said before Game 4, “this is how we like it, down and out, and then POW! Sox Nation takes over!” Down and out and then POW! Kevin Millahhhh takes over. Walk-off. Sox win.


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