Sunday, May 08, 2005

Doubleheader Dandy

(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

Thoughts after Game 1:

Like the game yesterday, very calm, relaxing, just an easy victory. I was leaning back in my seat the entire game, and that rarely ever happens. The team is really coming together now. Winners of four straight, six of seven, our fill-in starters getting the job done, Millah finally delivering. Most of all, I just love the way they came out and dominated this game from the first pitch to the last. Like Friday, they got an early lead and never gave it up, the pitcher stayed steady throughout, and the bullpen didn't allow anything. I've never seen Mike Timlin look so sharp, and now Ordinary Foulke is back to Extraordinary Foulke.

Other news:

- Wade Miller will make his first start in a Red Sox uniform tonight, facing Ryan Franklin in the second game. If he gets knocked around, which I actually expect will happen, everyone has to understand this is his first time pitching on a big league mound in almost a year. He's battled freak injuries to get here, and the Mariners will come out hungry, not wanting to get swept. Look for Miller to struggle early, but continually improve as the season goes on.

- Nomar's rehab will be pushed forward a month almost ending his season. The Cubs look pathetic anyway, so I don't think he'll be rushing back to get in any sort of pennant race. The tear is worse than anticipated. As for Pedro, he gave up five earned at the Crew last night, but earned the victory. Pokey is coming back from the DL soon for the Mariners, and I really, REALLY miss Orlando Cabrera.

- The Sox sent down Blaine Neal today. Too bad it was about two weeks late.

Celtics thoughts:

Worst game of the season last night. Just a horrible display of basketball. Every possession it was one guy dribbling around with the ball, the other four guys standing around, then nobody boxing out for offensive rebounds. Pathetic. They had absolutely no ball movement, the team looked like they've never seen each other before, and sometimes I wonder what Doc is thinking on certain substitutions. Congrats to the Pacers, though, they battled and fought with a ton of heart all the way through. Overall, the Celtics did pass expectations this season, all the young guys got convincingly better and the team is on the rise.


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