Monday, April 11, 2005

Day Of Celebration

Some things you just never forget.

Today made you feel proud to be a Red Sox fan, which until last October, was a definite rarity. Today made all of those pains and sufferings almost worth it, just so the momentum and anxiousness builds and builds, all culminating in one of the greatest celebrations in the history of sports. And that team, and all Red Sox Nation, fully deserved it.

With each player being introduced to a standing ovation, a chill going down my spine as this team tipped their cap to the Fenway fans, there was actually a connection there. Dave Roberts and Derek Lowe traveling to the city from their new teams, just to enjoy one last day with the 2004 Sox. The current players, the old players, the guys who reversed this franchise into a new winning attitude. And Dr. Charles Steinberg for creating a day that, year after year, seemed impossible.

Dom DiMaggio, Yaz, Johnny Pesky, Lonborg, Rice, Dewey…all those special players who thought they’d never see this day coming, it was a sight to see. All of the Red Sox receiving their rings, just glancing at that chunk, if you will, of diamonds glaring right back at them, and bouncing off the Fenway sunshine. Usually championship rings are gaudy and hideous, but this one was 86 years in the making.

We can’t forget that jumbo pennant covering the Green Monster. First the early championships, then the final, long awaited gigantic flag as big as Rhode Island pouring over the others. 2004 World Champions. They did it, they did it, they freakin did it.

Not too many days do Boston legends gather from around the state, and country, to honor a franchise they have nothing to do with. Bobby Orr, who symbolizes courageousness and popularity to its strongest, simply whispered to Mr. World Champion Bill Russell, “this is pretty nice, isn’t it?” I would be lying if I didn’t tell you that I nodded in approval. The ovation for Tedy Bruschi and Richard Seymour was something nobody will ever forget. For a fan base to support and get behind one of their heroes in such a fashion was simply phenomenal. And you know I hate using that word.

Then the new Sox came out and kicked major Yankee ass. A surprising gesture by the Yankees, giving a standing ovation to the Red Sox after they received their rings, something I didn’t see coming at all. I figured they’d just prance around the clubhouse until an umpire told them to enter the field or something. But no, Jeter and Torre at the top step, applauding their bitter rivals. Mariano Rivera smiling and clapping as the crowd gave him a standing ovation following many disappointing performances against the Red Sox. The Yankee team did something that took a lot of guts and class, and they impressed me today.

As for the game, it simply concluded a perfect day. We jumped on Mussina early, got to see a nice little A-Rod error, saw Sheff misplay a ball in the sun, a homer on the monster by Belli and Keith Foulke, once again, closing it out. Just a little icing on the cake.

There’s no better feeling in the world right now than one of a Red Sox fan.

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