Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lay Off

Note to any doubters of this team: Stop worrying. The Sox are going to be just fine. Their best baseball is still ahead of them, remember that 20-of-22-or-whatever-it-was streak they pulled out of their hats last August? The deadline is soon here, pitching needs to be taken care of by King Theo, then we’re off to another one of those runs where the team comes together and plays great baseball. The Red Sox will win the division and will make a run in the playoffs. Stop doubting these guys.

Arroyo and Miller should have better second halves, considering they don’t get traded first. Tek is smashing the ball, Edgah is playing better and better every day and Trot is still in a groove. And when Manny and Papi get hot at any given time, just watch out. The schedule is also favorable- with six of nine against Tampa and the RoyAAAls and a four series home stretch in late August- early September. Whether the Sox get Burnett, Romero, Wagner, Wickman or whoever Theo manages to trade for, it’ll work out and improve the club. And we have Alex Cora (ha).

I’d also like to see what that hyped first round pick Craig Hansen has to offer. Maybe Jon Papelbon? There are a lot of questions heading into this last week before the deadline. Any requests?


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