Monday, July 25, 2005

I Bet You Think It's Funny, Lou

Losing games to the Devil Rays just makes me want to vomit. I realize that’s it’s bound to happen once in a while, but damnit, this is just too much torture. After I heard we had blown this puppy (I was at a movie, yeah, I’m waiting for the lightning bolt) I almost chucked my computer chair across the room. There’s something about losing to the Devil Rays that burns a fire in my chest. I guess I just think the Sox have to win these games, and under no circumstances should they cough it up. Maybe I’m still feeling a little 2004 buzz, but so what.. Losing to the Devil Rays hurts. Real bad.

Another great game from Kevin Millar, though, just great! I really try to love the guy and go along with his whole "cowboy up, Sox nation represent, I love Boston" acting job, really, it almost reels me in daily. But he managed to boot a nice play from Edgah, and breaking news! Timlin lets in another inherited run and the Sox spoil a dramatic Damon pole shot. Where the hell was John Olerud? Was he too busy knitting a sweater in the clubhouse? Engaged in a rough game of Clue with Adam Hzydu? Putting more money in a parking meter? Wake up Tito, we need Johnny O in the game for the seventh, eighth and ninth. At all times. Just like that Eduardo Perez walk off game in April, this loss really stung me inside. All we can do is come out strong with Abe Lincoln on the hill and maybe our friggin offense can break out.

Some stuff brewing from the rumor mill. The Sox reportedly offered pitcher Bronson Arroyo and double-A stud pitcher Anibal Sanchez (who threw a 2-hitter recently) for A.J. Burnett, and Mike Lowell was not included. Can it be any more obvious that nobody in their right mind would take on Lowell’s contract, especially when he’s hitting .234 and his career might be over. Also, Everyday Eddie would wave his no-trade clause to come to Boston, but it appears Seattle wants way too much. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Sox resort to former White Sox reliever Shingo Takatsu. And RotoWorld reports Manny Ramirez is unhappy in Boston and wants to be traded. Again. Just another Manny mood swing, don’t make anything of it (shuddering with horror).

And I almost forgot, Millar was 0 for 4 with 3 K’s and 4 left on base. Beautiful. And Mr. Papi, please wake up and smell the coffee. We need a huge game out of you tonight.


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