Thursday, July 21, 2005

Manny, You Are The Man

It took a little fight, it took a little heart, it took a little panic, but the Red Sox took down the White Sox in a battle of more than socks. The game was about coming up in the clutch- first Crede’s double tying the game at five, then Manuel Aristides smashing a monstrous homerun to left center, then Schilling coming on for the 1-2-3 save that was much sweeter than the previous inning. I gotta hand it to my guys…everyone played a role in this one run win, and that’s usually what you need in close games. You need every single player to execute properly, deliver in big times and come together at the end for the victory.

The Sox fell behind 4-2 after homers from Konerko and Roward, but took the lead in the seventh on a Kevin Millar sac fly 5-4. Schill strolls out from the bullpen and throws a great full count pitch to Crede, which he drives the other way to tie it at five with a double. Fine. He made a nice pitch, and Crede poked it to right. Nothing you can do but tip your cap and maybe kick some dirt around. But the offense would bail him out. Manny, after nearly fouling out when Joe Crede dropped a catch-able popup (biggest play of the game) got his pitch and killed it. For the entire night, Manny was just waiting and waiting for that one pitch he can hammer. He was talking walks, maintaining a great eye, staying ready for that one pitch he knows will end up in the seats. As Stu Scott would say…BOO YAH!

As the Red Sox play the White Sox, it’s only appropriate for me to rant about the White Sox announcers. I’ve heard these guys numerous times on WGN and Extra Innings, and they just plain suck. They’re so much more like fans than announcers, its not even funny. They spend the entire game openly rooting for their own players (Come on, Joe! Come on, Juan, big hit here!), it becomes sickening by the seventh inning. Then the YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD….YES!! makes me vomit all over the sofa and have irregular bowel movements. And to top it off, they just complain, bitch and moan about the umpiring every single game. If any borderline call doesn’t go the White Sox way, all hell breaks lose. It just goes to show how important Remdawg and Orsillo are to my life.

Gotta love the one run win.


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