Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Fool In The Rain, Pt. II

Okay, so let me get this straight: I’m supposed to feel sorry for Barry Bonds? I’m supposed to feel sorry for an athlete making millions and millions of dollars because the media has mentally drained him? I’m supposed to feel sorry for a guy that feels sadness because he broke the rules and took steroids earlier in his career? We can forgive him for everything because he’s “tired”, right

I can understand he may be worn out from the multiple knee surgeries and the fact he’s 40 years old. But to tell us that he’s being driven away from the game because of media harassment is just absurd. What, is everyone just going to forget about the biggest off-the-field baseball story since the strike just because Barry Bonds is mentally drained after cashing in a $25,000 check at the bank? If you’re injured and that’s the reason you’re tired and don’t have the urge to play anymore, then spare us and walk away from the game before you taint some more records.

And why drag your son into all of this? Are you trying to make the impression that you’re a “family man?” We see your son is wearing a Barry Sanders jersey, is that some sort of hidden signal? You’re the most famous and will end up probably being the most storied baseball player ever to put on a glove, but for some reason you expect the media to just walk away and leave you alone. Not only are you the best baseball player alive, but you’re strapped in the center of a huge steroid controversy. And we’re supposed to feel sorry for you?

Now the Giants have to put up with this mess. Thanks for telling us when exactly you plan on returning. I guess the Giants are just willing to revolve around your schedule all season, with GM Brian Sabean waking up every morning wondering whether Barry Bonds will show up to play today. “I don’t know, I might return in May, June, maybe after the break or I may just sit out the whole season, who knows.” What a douche.

Face it, Barry Bonds used hitting home runs as a protective shield guarding the steroid talks and media questioning. Now that he can’t play anymore, and with the steroid controversy not taking any immediate breaks, he feels bombarded with stress. That’s why he’s making all these indefinite assumptions and deadlines, because he’s not thinking straight. What we’re really seeing is a Barry Bonds with a soft outer shell.

When push comes to shove, I bet we’ll see Barry Bonds breaking Babe Ruth’s record sometime this season. I bet we’ll see him jogging around the bases, chewing on his fingernails in left field and not smiling at the cameras. This is all blown out of proportion. Bonds will be back on the field soon.

And that’s too bad, because I think baseball would be just fine without him.


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