Friday, March 18, 2005

Fool In The Rain

Mark McGwire wouldn’t talk about the past, we know that for sure. Rafael Palmeiro openly denied any steroid use, pointing a mean finger to the Reps and expressing clearly his view. Curt Schilling said he will help chair a committee against the use of steroids. Bud Selig and Donald Fehr got absolutely nowhere. Those are just some of the things we learned after yesterday’s steroid hearing in front of Congress.

Jose Canseco, who juiced (get it) up this issue with his best-selling book, claimed that steroids were part of the game, and I don't think anybody really wanted to take a stance on .” He also said that if Congress doesn’t take a stand, this mess will go on forever. Surprisingly, even with that annoying lisp, he made one of the best points of the day.

Meanwhile, Big Mac just kept dodging the questions. Forcing back tears and refusing to talk about the past, which is actually what this entire issue is about, McGwire is being publicly stated as the big loser after the court hearing. He stuttered, sweated, and shook- could it be any more obvious he was juiced up? If he’s clean, then why the hell doesn’t he just say it.

That’s the thing- there’s no way this guy didn’t take steroids. Unlike Rafy Palmeiro, who clearly told Congress he never used steroids, McGwire found himself repeating the same stupid statement over and over again. He’s not here to talk about the past.

Actually, Mr. McGwire, you are here to talk about the past. That’s what we all want to hear about. Are you taking the steroids presently? Of course not. Did you take steroids in the past? Of course. I can see why he wants to look at this positively and talk about improving this issue in the future, but you need to address the past as well.

Representative Mark Souder got his word in, saying that “if the Enron people came in and said, 'I don't want to talk about the past,' " Souder went on, looking McGwire straight in the eyeballs, "you think we'd let them say that?" Sure, he was in an uncomfortable position, but really, say something. Mark McGwire lost big on Thursday.

Now, not only is baseball in trouble, but its heroes are as well.


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