Monday, March 14, 2005

Monday Ramblings

-So, Curt Schilling says it’s literally impossible that he pitches on Opening Day. I mentioned a while ago that I thought this was the best idea, and the Sox need Schilling in October more than a rather meaningless game in April. But can’t you just see David Wells throwing warmup pitches right before the game is about to begin, Schilling running out of the bullpen to Wells, grabbing the ball and saying “It’s my game, kid.” Wouldn’t that be a perfect scenario. Forget about Wells throwing against the Yankees, and how they’re still in his heart…blah blah. I want to see Schill sprinting out of the bullpen, getting showered with hot dog wrappers and Yogi Berra bobbleheads, and throwing a perfect game. When should I wake up?

- No, I’m not going to spring training. While I have to endure the constant weather advisory warning, snowstorms and harsh winter winds, some idiot down in Fort Myers who doesn’t know Johnny Damon’s number is probably having the time of his life. Life sucks.

- For good measure: My final four is Oklahoma State, Wake Forest, North Carolina and Syracuse. BC better watch out for those Quakers!

- News last week that Wade Miller won’t pitch till May, another smart precautionary move by Francona and his trainers. I can see newcomers Clement and Miller exploding this season, especially with the Red Sox loaded offense and a better environment. They just needed new starts, period. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Miller: 15-5, 3.21 ERA
Clement: 18-9, 2.98 ERA
Yeah, I’m biased, but I adore these two young gunners.

- Side notes from Chris Snow’s article in the Boston Globe: Schilling threw a 60-pitch side session yesterday morning at City of Palms Park, Francona said. The manager made little of that session, calling it a "tuneup" for Wednesday, when Schilling is scheduled to throw a three-inning simulated game with hitters. "Wednesday is a big day for him, effortwise," Francona said .

- Kevin Millar, sent home Saturday with the flu, started at first . . . The 4-2 loss before 7,561 at Hammond Stadium was the Sox' fourth straight. They loaded the bases in the eighth before George Lombard struck out and Mirabelli popped up . . . The Sox have played eight of their first 10 games in Fort Myers -- either at City of Palms Park or at the Twins' Hammond Stadium. They visit Ft. Lauderdale (Orioles) today and Tampa (Devil Rays) tomorrow.

- Curt Schilling also said this week that he’s willing to testify in front of court on the steroid issue, which I think it a professional way to look at it. Instead of backing away and not getting involved in the issue, he understands the importance of the problem. It just worries me that he’ll miss a day of spring training, especially because we need him back so quickly. He is confused why he was chosen though. He also joked saying he needed a lawyer so he “doesn’t do something stupid.“ When God talks, people listen.


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