Tuesday, March 22, 2005

I've Got A Fever...

When I first heard that the Farrelly brothers were making a movie about the Red Sox, I was overjoyed. You should have seen the grin on my face. I couldn’t wait. I immediately asked when it was coming out, who was playing the leading roles, and what it will be about.

Here are my thoughts on Fever Pitch...

Maybe I shouldn’t have asked those questions. Asking Jimmy Fallon to play the leading role in a movie about the Red Sox marching to the World Series should be illegal. I’m writing Congress about this. This is the same guy who liked the Yankees at one time in his life, admitted he didn’t like sports, and has a bowel movement whenever he sees Horatio Sanz. Seeing Fallon and Barrymore run onto the field, hug, scream and jump around like a horses ass put a damper on the whole experience. Jesus, I bet Jimmy Fallon can’t name the left fielder on the Red Sox. People have waited their entire lives for this moment, and he’s waited all of six months. Throw me a friggin bone here.

Plus, they turned a relatively classic book about soccer into a chick-flick type movie. In the trailer, they spend about half the time showing Barrymore talking to her girlfriends at the gym or in the bathtub. They also show Drew Barrymore ON HER LAPTOP at A RED SOX GAME!!!!! Yes, you read that correctly. Then they have Fallon proposing to her in the park, followed by Fallon opening the case and asking her to opening day with a ticket inside. Can this get any weirder?

Yes, I’ll still see it. A side of me hopes it sucks so everyone involved learns a lesson, the other side hopes it’s solid, just for my entertainment purposes.

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