Thursday, September 29, 2005

Season Saver

Seriously, where do I begin?

Those are the types of wins that make your season. In this case, it saved our season, gave us the burst of momentum we need for this Yankees series and potentially clinches the MVP for Ortiz. I don’t care if the Sox don’t make the playoffs, A-Rod hits all of his home runs up by 8 runs and Ortiz constantly delivers in the clutch like no hitter I’ve ever witnessed. The guy is simply phenomenal, and I haven’t thought that strongly about a single player since Pedro in his glory days. Right now, I feel so completely energized I could pull a Tom Cruise and start jumping on my couch. This is playoff baseball.

You could see the Sox inching closer to exploding. They were taking little baby steps, gradually building momentum and getting ready to pounce like Papi on a 2-0 fastball. The stage was set for a season-making win. On a night where the bullpen finally came through, and David Ortiz has a chance to win the game in the ninth, the stars were finally aligned. Our soldiers are still alive.

There were numerous times the Sox could have folded and ended their season tonight. How many times did they smoke line drive shots to the outfield that were caught? The Jays defense was unbelievable. Edgar smoked one that should’ve hit the Monster but was robbed by Gross (great last name, for real), then another picked by Hinske. Tek continues to get screwed over by web gems, and Trot hammered the ball to left that was caught by Wells. If Vernon Wells isn’t in the MVP discussion by July next season, I’ll be stunned.

But they didn’t turn their backs, didn’t hang their heads, but instead showed their real faith. Down 4-1 with Clement reeling, Manny provided the energy shake with the two run job, simply a piece of artwork watching that swing. The place was rockin and rollin with every single Papi at-bat. The MVP chants blaring loudly, the crowd on its feet, hoping, praying for more magic.

And with one swing of the bat- tie ball game. Believing is the key to success.

Actually, you could have a valid case for Jon Papelbon being the MVP of this game. The guy looked like a 13-year veteran on the mound. He was completely composed, throwing gas by hitter after hitter, keeping the Sox in the game- hell, if a nuclear bomb drops on Landsdowne, the guy wouldn’t be rattled. Just seeing him on the mound gets me giddy. He is the Kid. As I was watching the game, I wrote on my hand in pen PAPELBON for this article. I wanted to mention him even if the Sox lost. True story.

If they lose that game, the season is practically over. One win for the Yankees and they’re pouring champagne right on the Fenway diamond, with A-Rod and Jeter connecting purple lips and Bernie drowning in the bubbly. Now, both teams have momentum in what surely will be the biggest regular season series of our lifetimes. And, wouldn’t you know it, I’ll miss Friday nights game. Life sucks.

I’m still shaking as I type this sentence. Boomah stuffs it in the Yankees faces tomorrow night.


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