Sunday, September 25, 2005

Putting It Away Early

Two outs? Not a problem. Show those pitchers not to ignore Manny Ramirez. Maybe they’ll pay some attention to John Olerud and Billy Mueller. A little love for Jason Varitek? How about some R.E.S.P.E.C.T. for head dirt dog Trot? Nah, just don’t pitch to Ortiz and you can beat this team. Damon can’t hit it out with two sore shoulders, not a chance.

This is the best lineup in baseball from top to bottom. Sure it can prove to have some off nights, you know, month long slumps and late night book tours, forgivable stuff like that. But when these guys get on track, preferably facing a rookie, the ball is flying around the park. John Maine looked puzzled and completely stunned after the first inning, like the Derek Lowe Face had just taken over. Two quick outs and our bottom guys explode for five early runs, putting the game away with big Boomah on the hill.

Did the Yanks win? Unfortunately, yes, but it was tough. For a while. Sheffield hit a game-ending bomb in the seventh, but Toronto did lead that game 3-1. The Indians did lose to the RoyAAAls, meaning the Sox/Yanks are only a half game back in the wild card. It’s a nice second option knowing that if someway somehow the Yankees win this division, the Sox can still make the playoffs. Good feeling.

Short post tonight, I got a ton of work to do. Spent the last eight hours flipping channels between football and baseball, it really drains on you for a while. Tough day at the office. But really, can’t wait till tomorrow with Schilling taking the hill as we return to Fenway on our route to the playoffs.


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